Dev Log
Ninja's Vs Demons
July 2013
Ninjas vs Demons is a 2D co-op action adventure game, featuring 10 unique worlds, 12 playable ninjas, and 50+ weapons to choose from!
demo_screencap Concept In Creation
Above is a quick proof of concept for Ninjas vs Demons, this demo was ported to flash, and this version (v0.3) only allows for basic movement, as we develop more of the game we will update this demo with the other features. Click the above image to open the demo.
Studio News
2013 Development Process
July 2013
Currently in early development stages and is being developed for PC, Mac, and Mobile platforms, being developed with Nano Light Games.
Noir work culture

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Featured Job
Game Programmer
We are seeking sharp, ambitious talent to join our team to work on our next generation MMOs. Are you not challenged enough at your current job? Everything we do here is challenging - giant worlds, lots of content, complicated rules and systems. Do you wonder if you'd be happier making games than whatever you're doing now? While we'd prefer you be a master game programmer, some of our best hires have been people from outside the games industry with a passion to make something really cool!